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Usually Vampires are a picture of either fear or narcistic powerfantasies and sexual fantasy.
I choose to take another approach, though family bonds might be regarded as a power as well ...

"Blut ist dicker als Wasser." / "Kin-blood is not spoilt by water"

"Ein Lämmchen biß ich zu Tode,
Leckte das Blut, es schmeckte mir köstlich! und tötete weiter
Vier der jüngsten Ziegen und aß sie, und übte mich ferner;
Sparte keine Vögel, noch Hühner, noch Enten, noch Gänse,
Wo ich sie fand, und habe gar manches im Sande vergraben,
Was ich geschlachtet und was mir nicht alles zu essen beliebte. " (Reineke Fuchs)
sagatt Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013
wow!!! this looks freaking awesome man!!! the way u made blood is just looks like it's alive. and love the light effet on it.hummm  is this a vampire family?is that their own blood ?don' t really get it ... are they being attacked by these light( ice?) ? then they use their own blood to defend themselves?
surthur Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you mate . Yes, you got it basically : )

 I think of it as ice weapons. Halberds symbolice I thought, death might try to seperate them from the life they have left, with piercing cold.
Ice is really close to death ,.... water is element of birth and primal chaos. Ice is the other coinside of life, stagnant and dominant, hostile to most forms of vibration and life, even it might be the first thing existing...
The principle even before Ain Soph maybe ?

"Vampires" might seem immortal , but I think they brush with death, like a circus athlet on a thin line, wirewalkers..
All they have left is their blood... truely undead, being neither.

Blood is basically water... It is no wonder it is a symbol of life, but more then water, it is a fusion.. maybe something like the "wine" symbol in the hebraic symbolism.  Life juice. Earth and water combined. Like Mud...
(Talking of mud, golem are made of mud .. which played another idea in the beginning stage of the chrome related picture "Corruption"..)

Ultimately , the fluid can break the stagnant, as long as it is "warm" enough it can keep its fluid form, its ultimate sign of being "alive", more then "dead"...

Even if they are undead , or illusory, their bestial hunger or their connectivity keeps them from "nothing".

Being social keeps people moving.
Pechan Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
The lighting in this is awesome! Love the effects on the blood. =D
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July 27, 2013
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